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I Owe:

:iconfanface: - Akei and Vivi (full-body colored sketch)
:iconnix-sil: - TBD (colored sketch)
:iconfanface: - Milly, Dopp, and Core (Full w/ BG) - pay after sketch
:iconfanface: - Whale Shark (ATC) - pay after

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Chevrine (Leo) - Luxie and Navy (full-body marker) - Started!
Inny (Leo) - Anybody


I'm Waiting On (and Looking Forward To!):

:iconstrawberrycoke98:- Aqui (in exchange for ATC)
:iconali-c-05: - Gryphon-sona (full-body w/ BG)
:iconpupjuli: - (in exchange for design)
:iconmoth-worm: - Ash and Mo - pay after
:iconfanface: - Aqui and Kye (full-body colored sketch)
:iconnix-sil: - Mo (chibi)

-Other Sites-
Destiel (Leo) - Lupio and Brae chibis - Pay after
Kingdom (Leo) - Sebastián and Lupio (digital busts w/ flatcolor) - pay after
Chevrine (Leo) - Aqui and Kye (full-body shaded)
Beaches (Leo) - Brae (portrait w/ BG)
Inny (Leo) - Gryphon-sona (spring break trade)

COMMISSIONS [Open/Disponible]

Thu Apr 9, 2015, 9:59 AM


So two really important things happened this week, both or which are equal parts 
huge relief and really expensive.


  1. I was accepted for a scholarship to attend the LGBTQ Muslim Retreat, which is a really big deal. Like... I cannot even express what an important thing this is in my life. I cried a lot when I got the email. BUT the scholarship doesn’t cover travel, which means I’m about to drop $150+ on train tickets.
  2. I decided to take a leave of absence from my job until the end of the semester in order to focus on getting my health (and subsequently my grades) back in order. Between this and all the work I’ve already missed, I’m missing out on about $700 worth of paychecks, which is an entire month worth of rent.

In light of this, I’m going to be opening some commissions to put a buffer on my rather crappy financial situation. Here’s what I’m offering:

Option A: Pay-What-You-Want Colored Sketches


Wind in your Hair by CrowspeakerSass by Crowspeaker
Rouge by CrowspeakerKakapo by CrowspeakerBushbaby by Crowspeaker
If You're Happy and You Know It by CrowspeakerSisterhood by Crowspeaker


No slots or set prices for these. Just give me a ref for your character(s) and I’ll doodle them at my leisure! Whether it’s headshot/partial/full-body is at my discretion, BUT if you have a limited budget, you can specify that I not go above a certain level (e.g. “Headshots or half-body only please, I have limited money”). Once I finish your art, you can send me however much you think it’s worth.

Payment for these is due when I finish your art.

Option B: $12 ATCs


Sweat and Savvy by Crowspeaker Haunt by Crowspeaker Dinacoma caseyi by Crowspeaker
Castle Hill by Crowspeaker Emerge by Crowspeaker


I’ll take two of these at a time, but I’ll keep a waitlist if more people want them.

Payment for these is due after I finish your art.


  1. :iconfanface: - Whale Shark
  2. Sara - TBD

  1. OPEN

Cost includes-

  • 1 character (maybe two if one of them is very small)
  • A background (may be natural or man-made scenery or abstract)
  • Mailing within the US (if you live in another country this will cost extra)


Option C: $50 Fancy Pictures


Rivalry by Crowspeaker Marshmallows by Moonlight by Crowspeaker By the Sea Shore by Crowspeaker


I’ll take one of these at a time, but I’ll keep a waitlist if multiple people want them.

Payment for these is due when I show you the sketch.


  1. :iconfanface: - Milly, Dopp, and Core

  1. OPEN

Cost includes-

  • Up to 2 characters
  • Detailed natural scenery (architecture costs extra)
  • Props and small/simple animals included at no extra cost 
  • Me showing you the sketch  and making simple revisions (i.e. fixing ) at the sketch stage


Extra Costs-

  • Additional characters (+$5 per animal, +$10 per human/anthro)
  • Complex indoor/urban scenery (+$10)
  • Mailing the picture to you (price varies)
  • Complex revisions that involve redrawing an entire part of the picture from scratch (price varies)



What can you draw?

I draw pretty much anything! Human, anthro/furry, animals, monsters, etc. I’m comfortable with any age/body type for humanoid characters, and I’m more than happy to tackle whatever animal species (real or fictional) you throw my way. In fact, I’m a biology major with a fondness for scientific illustration, so I’ll probably get really excited if you ask me to draw weird/obscure animals. I also like drawing natural scenery, though architecture and indoor scenes are tricky for me.

What about NSFW/violence/etc.?

I’m almost always cool with violence/gore and with non-sexual nudity (though I reserve the right to decline if a commission does make me uncomfortable for whatever reason). As far as sexual content and other touchy subjects, I accept those on kind of a case-by-case basis. When in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

I want something not on the list!

Let me know and we can talk about it! I’m flexible.



Dos cosas muy importantes ha pasado esta semana, y los dos son alivios grandes y también muy caros.


  1. ¡Recibí un beca para asistir una cconferencia para los musulmanes LGBTQ! Este evento es tan, tan importante para mi. PERO esta beca no incluye los costos de viajar, por eso necesito pagar ~$150 para boletos del tren.
  2. He decidido que necesito me tomo un descanso de mi trabajo para el resto de la semestre, porque he estado muy enfermo. Como resultado, perderé aproximadamente $700 de paga-- ¡un mes de renta!

¡POR ESO haré unos Commissiones!

Opción A: Paga-que-tú-quieres Bocetos Coloreados


Mirage by CrowspeakerPajamas by Crowspeaker
Como una Cometa by CrowspeakerCreamsicle by CrowspeakerShowing Off by Crowspeaker
Kye Ahmadi by CrowspeakerNothing to Prove by Crowspeaker

No tengo vacantes o costos fijos para estos. Simplemente envíeme una referencia para tu(s) personaje(s) y dibujaré ellos en mi tiempo libre. Puede que dibuje algo del cuerpo entero, del cuerpo parcial, o solo de cara... ¡es aleatorio! Después de yo termino, pagarme lo que creo que vale la pena.

Pago vence después del arte es terminado.

Opción B: $12 ATCs


Muse by Crowspeaker Electric by Crowspeaker Vampyroteuthis infernalis by Crowspeaker
Cystophora cristata by Crowspeaker Aardwolf by Crowspeaker

Pago vence después del arte es terminado.


  1. :iconfanface: - Tiburón ballena
  2. Sara - TBD

Lista de Espera-

Costo incluye-

  • 1 personaje (posiblemente 2 si un es muy pequeño)
  • Un fondo
  • Te echaré el arte por correo en la USA (si vives en un país diferente, este costará más)

Opción C: $50 Dibujos Elaborados


Rivalry by Crowspeaker Marshmallows by Moonlight by Crowspeaker By the Sea Shore by Crowspeaker

Pago vence después de te muestro el boceto.


  1. :iconfanface: - Milly, Dopp, y Core

Lista de Espera-

Costo incluye-

  • 1-2 personajes
  • Un fondo natural
  • Utilería y animales pequeños son gratis
  • Puedo te mostrar el boceto y reparar detalles pequeños

Costos adicionales-

  • Más personajes (+$5 para los animales, +$10 para los humanos/anthros)
  • Un fondo interior/urbano/con mucha arquitectura (+$10)
  • Te echaré el arte por correo (costo es variable)
  • Gran revisiones (costo es variable)


¿Qué puedes dibujar?

¡Puedo dibujar muchos sujetos! Humano, anthro, animales, monstruos, etc. Soy agradable con todos los tipos del cuerpo y cualquier especie de animal o monstruo. ¡Me encanta dibujar especies extrañas y únicas! Ádemás, me gusta dibujar los fondos naturales, pero la arquitectura un poco difícil para mi.

¿Dibujarías NSFW/violencia/etc.?

En general, soy agradable con violencia/gore y desnudz no sexual, y decidiré individualmente sobre otros sujetos maduros. ¡Si no estás seguro, pregúntame!

¡Quiero algo que no está en la lista!

¡Dígame, y podemos discutirlo! Estoy flexible.

Header by Salisburies

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Greetings! My name is Deyan (or you can call me Crow). I am a super busy biology student who wants to study marine invertebrates! When I have free time, though, I make marker-art of animals and my characters. I love Art Trades!


¡Hola! Mi nombre es Deyan (o puedes me llamar Crow). Soy estudiante muy ocupado de la ecobiología. ¡Quiero estudiar los invertebrados marinos! Cuando tengo tiempo, creo arte-con-marcadores de los animales y mis personajes. ¡Me encantan los Art Trades!

Spanish lang3 by Faeth-design USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design

[FREE ART!] Advertising help? / ¿Ayuda con publicidad? 

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No deviants said Signal boost my Offer to Adopt design and I'll doodle you something!
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7r6 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there! Saw this amazing tattoo by adam kremer and thought of your love for magpies :) Hope you're doing swell…
Crowspeaker Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whooooa, that is awesome!! Thanks for sharing! Man, someday I will have money and I can get more tattoos.
7r6 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Same here! I'm actually stalking an aussie artist until she comes somewhere close to my area!
Zoba22 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hola amigo, desde que me hiciste a Nanashi, sentí la necesidad de devolver un poco de esa alegría que me diste... anduve un ratito por tu galería y descubrí a un anthro... Espero que me disculpes, no lo subí a mi galería porque no soy lo suficientemente buena con el arte tradicional... pero espero que te guste este fan art :D…
Crowspeaker Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aaaaa muchisimas gracias~ ¡Que una sorpresa maravillosa! =D ¡Él es TAN adorable en tu estilo! Especialmente las orejas. <3 Me gusta mucho tu arte tradicional. ¡Gracias gracias GRACIAS!
Zoba22 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Lo que no te pregunte y tampoco vi... es su nombre XD ¿cómo se llama? :3

Fue un placer amigo, hace mucho quería dibujarte algo, pero el tiempo, el tieeempoooooo, y quiero volver a las raíces, a lo tradicional, y me encantó hacer a este personaje. ^^

Tengo que practicar mucho aún, pero ya aprenderé a colorear mejor :D estoy muy, pero muy feliz de que mi humilde regalo te haya gustado amigo :hug: vos siempre me ayudas mucho! Gracias por tu amistad!
Crowspeaker Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Su nombre es simplemente Crow. =3 Él es una de mis fursonas (tengo varias fursonas, jaja)~ El grifo (Alert) y el perezoso (The Sloth Child) son mis fursonas principales, pero también colecciono arte de este perrito ocasionalmente. =D
Salisburies Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
... i know for a fact i was watching you

Crowspeaker Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WHO KNOWS-- I think DA had a weird glitch where people magically unwatched people by accident a while back, so maybe it was that?? GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK.
Salisburies Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It makes me wonder who else I lost. ;A; You were the second one today!!
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